Fortebet Uganda Review

Fortebet is a popular sports betting site in Uganda . Only Ugandan residents can access the bookmaker. It is well-known for its many football markets. The bookmaker was originally called FortuneBet, but it changed its name to Fortebet after it was established in 2014.

Although there is no doubt that Fortebet is one of the best bookmakers in Uganda, and for many players it can rightfully be considered an ideal place for sports betting and not only, we will still try to consider all aspects of this bookmaker together with you. Read on to find out and learn much more.


Register to Fortebet Uganda
Register to Fortebet Uganda

Fortebet’s registration process is very simple. After you have landed on the website of Fortebet, scroll down to the top right. Click on the “Register Now!” option. After clicking on the option, you’ll be redirected onto a screen that will look like the one above. Enter your Name, Surname and Mobile Number. Enter a unique username and a 9-digit mobile phone number. Fortebet is available only to Ugandan residents. No other mobile numbers will be accepted by the Bookmaker other than those registered in Uganda.

After you fill in all the details, click “Register” to continue. The “Register” option will be at the bottom, once you have checked the “General Terms & Conditions” box. If the username you choose has been used by another person, the “Register” option will not be displayed on your screen. You will need to choose another username in this situation.

Once you click the “Register”, you will be redirected to the screen that looks similar to the one above. Verify your email address by opening Fortebet’s email to your registered address and clicking the link. Your Fortebet account will receive 1,000 VIP points once you have clicked on the link.

Fortebet’s Welcome Bonus does not include the credited VIP points. In the next section of this review, we will discuss Fortebet’s Welcome Bonus. Fortebet doesn’t redirect you to the “Deposits and Withdrawals” page. You will need to click on it manually.

Payment Methods

After completing the registration, you won’t be redirected directly to the “Deposits & Withdrawals” section. Click on the “Deposits & Withdrawals” option at the top of the screen. After clicking on the option, you’ll see the screen that looks similar to the one above.

Fortebet is a relatively new bookmaker. However, it offers only three deposit options. You have the option to deposit funds at any of Fortebet’s shops, or you can pay by Airtel Money or MTN Mobile Money. All you need to do to deposit money at a shop is to give your username to a representative at the shop nearest you. You will be issued a slip once money has been deposited at Fortebet branches. This slip must be kept carefully. A branch can only accept a minimum deposit of 1,000 UGX. The maximum amount you can deposit is unlimited. Your Airtel Money number must be registered at Fortebet in order to deposit funds via Airtel Money.

Fortebet Uganda Payment Methods
Fortebet Uganda Payment Methods

Deposit methods details

Airtel Money allows you to easily deposit funds via your smartphone. The minimum deposit amount for funds is 500 UGX and the maximum is 5,000,000. Within 3 minutes of initiating a transaction, funds are deposited to your account. Standard Airtel Money fees apply. Similar to Airtel Money fees, MTN Mobile Money must be registered with Fortebet. Minimum deposit is 500 UGX. Maximum deposit limit is 4,000,000. Within 3 minutes of initiating a transfer, your transferred funds should appear in Fortebet’s account. The same applies to all MTN Mobile Money transactions.

Fortebet only offers one withdrawal option, which is a departure from most other bookmakers. To withdraw your winnings, you must visit a Fortebet branch near you. You can withdraw your winnings up to a maximum of 1,000 UGX. You must first request a withdrawal by clicking on “My Account”, at the top of your screen. Then click on “Cash out”, which will appear on your screen. Enter the amount that you wish to withdraw and a 4-digit code will be sent directly to your registered mobile phone number. This 4 digit code and your username must be given to a Fortebet representative near you. After that, he/she’ll give you your winnings.

Sportsbook Bonuses

Fortebet does not currently have any promotional offers at the time of writing. The bookmaker instead has a section called “Best Shots”, which provides insight into the plays made by customers who have won large amounts of money at Fortebet. Click on this link to see inspiring stories about customer wins and place a bet.

Fortebet’s goal is to encourage customers through the sharing of these stories and encourage them. Fortebet will be offering promotional offers, which is something that all top bookmakers offer. The Bookmaker has increased the maximum winnings per ticket to 1 billion UGX and offers the highest winnings per ticket in Uganda.

Fortebet currently offers two welcome bonuses to customers. First, after you sign up and verify your email address, Fortebet will send you 1,000 VIP points that you can use for your benefit. We’ll explain how to use VIP points later.

Welcome Bonus examples

Fortebet offers its customers a welcome bonus up to 1,000,000 UGX. You don’t need a welcome bonus code to receive the bonus. All you have to do is make your initial deposit. You are eligible for a welcome bonus once you have made your first deposit. If you comply with the terms and conditions, you can receive 100% of your welcome bonus on the amount that you deposit.

To receive your bonus amount, you must place a minimum of ten times the amount that you have deposited. After you’ve done this, the bonus amount will be divided into 10 equal installments of 10% of your first deposit. To be eligible for the bonus scheme, you must have at least 5 selections on your betting slip with odds greater than 3 per selection. To be eligible for the bonus amount, you can only place bets up to 100,000 UGX. You can withdraw funds from your account for one year after you have exhausted your bonus. The bonus amount that you have not withdrawn will be void if you withdraw funds prior to the expiration date.

Fortebet Uganda VIP Bonus Offer

Fortebet has a great VIP program. The bookmaker automatically registers you to their VIP program. You will be enrolled in the VIP program and receive a 1,000 VIP point welcome bonus and a VIP Club Card. To receive this card, you will need to visit a local branch.

Here’s how to earn VIP points at Fortebet:

  • 1-2 Matches: 1 Point
  • 3-4 Matches: 2 Points
  • 5-6 Matches: 3 Points
  • 7-9 Matches: 4 Points
  • 10-12 Matches: 6 Points
  • 13-15 Matches: 8 Points
  • 16+ Matches: 10 Points

Please do not forget that when placing a bet, you must use your VIP club card, at the nearest branch or by placing a bet from your home, and win VIP points for each bet you make in the amount of 1000 UGX or more. For example, if you bet on 6 matches for 60,000 UGX, you will get 60*4 = 240 VIP points. Following the same logic, if you bet on 10 matches for 100,000 UGX, you will receive 10*100 = 1000 VIP points. Every 1 VIP point = 1 UGX. Thus, earning every 2000 VIP points, you can make a bet of 2000 UGX for free.

Pre-match Betting

Fortebet currently offers odds on seven sports: American Hockey, Tennis, Basketball and Handball. It offers markets in seven sports, but football is the most popular. Fortebet currently offers more than 30 markets in football. This includes odds on teams and leagues in over 25 countries.

Fortebet has a range of betting limits and minimums depending on the odds you back and the selections you make. However, you cannot win more than 1 billion UGX from a ticket. This is the highest amount of winnings in Uganda. Always read all terms and conditions before placing a bet. You must do your research and find the best odds. You must learn how to calculate the margin that bookmakers make. This margin is the difference between a market with 100% and a bookmaker’s margin.

Odds explanation

Your chances of winning a bet are lower the higher your margin. It is best to keep your margin below the 110% threshold, because it indicates an active and competitive market. You must first determine the Odds Overround required for a betting selection in order to calculate the margin of a bookmaker. You can calculate this number for a betting selection by first converting each outcome into a decimal number. Divide each result by 100 and then add the results together. This was done for an English Premier League match. The Odds Overround was 102.19. This indicates that the market is active and competitive, as the bookmaker has a low margin.

Esports are very popular among younger gamers and punters. Fortebet doesn’t offer any odds on Esports. Fortebet’s market is heavily dominated by football, so we hope the bookmaker will soon offer odds on Esports. They need to improve this area to offer their customers a wider range of markets on which to place bets. Fortebet will soon offer odds on specials.

Fortebet Uganda Mobile Version & App

The bookmaker doesn’t have an app, so you will need to log into the website to access their online betting services. You can still bet while you are on the move with their mobile and PC versions. If you have good internet access and a device capable of accessing the same, it will be hard to notice that there is no app for the bookmaker. However, the advantages of the Betway app or SBA apps are obvious, particularly if your internet is slow.

Fortebet Uganda Live Betting

Fortebet’s live platform can be accessed by dragging your cursor over the “LIVE” option. It is located on the top navigation bar of the website. Click on this option to be taken to Fortebet’s “IN PLAY” section. You have the option to place a bet on any of the matches that are currently in-play. To see the betting options available for each match, click on the “IN PLAY” section. You can also track the minute-by-minute action of the match.

Fortebet Uganda Live Betting
Fortebet Uganda Live Betting

Fortebet doesn’t offer cash-out options, so place your bets wisely. Clicking on the “SCHEDULE” option to see Fortebet’s betting schedule is also an option. It is located right under the “IN PLAY” section. The bookmaker doesn’t offer live streaming. Fortebet could have provided live streaming for their football betting options.

Fortebet Uganda FAQ

Does Fortebet accept Ugandan players?

of course, only players from Uganda can use the services of Fortebet.

What payment methods can I use in Fortebet ?

Since be be be is a new company, it offers only three ways for monetary transactions. These are MTN Mobile Money, Airtel Money, as well as any of Fortebet’s shops. The minimum deposit is 1000 UGX.

Is there a welcome bonus in Fortebet Uganda?

Yes, Fortebet offers its new players a welcome bonus up to 1,000,000 UGX.

Is there a mobile app in Fortebet ?

Unfortunately, Fortebet does not have a mobile application, but you can use the mobile version, which is in no way inferior in its functionality to the desktop version.

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