Betting Companies In Uganda – Best Betting Sites 2024

Betting companies in Uganda overgrow, and the national lotteries board fully regulates the local online betting market. That allows local players to select the top-rated international and local online betting sites. We’ve included recommendations for online betting and gambling companies in this guide for the Best betting sites in Uganda, top markets, and world-class gambling offers.

Betting sites in Uganda
Betting sites in Uganda

Join us as we dive deep into Ugandan online betting companies to find the right site. We have created a list of strict criteria to identify the best betting company in Uganda. Here are some of our top picks according to the most important categories that bettors from leading bookmakers look into.

Best Online Betting Companies In Uganda

To create this list, we have tested and verified every legal and reputable betting company in Uganda. To ensure the highest quality, we used the same criteria. All websites are evaluated, and our rankings reflect the betting market accurately.

This table shows a list of top-rated respective bookmakers in Uganda based on how they performed during our rigorous testing. As you can see, new customers receive different bonuses. Each site has a different number of betting types and sports markets.

Best Betting Sites Uganda 2022
Best Betting Sites Uganda 2022

Uganda TOP 2 online betting sites

The safety of our readers is our top priority. Therefore, all our recommendations needed to be licensed by the gaming regulatory board of Uganda. All of the qualities listed in our recommended sites are verified. In the following lines, we have listed the online betting companies in Uganda sorted by category.

The Best Betting Company In Uganda By Category

Best Gambling Site in Uganda Betway

Top New Gambling Site in Uganda BetWinner

The Best Bonuses 22Bet

Top Mobile App Betway

Live Betting : Betway

Bookie with the highest payout 22Bet

Best payment betting site 1xBet.

The Safest Bookmaker Fortebet

Best eSports betting company 22Bet

Top for Additional Features Betway

Keep reading, as in the following sections, and we have more information about the criteria we used to evaluate the sites. Different categories appeal to other players, so picking a site that suits your preferences is essential.

For the best gambling experience, it is essential to research betting markets and find the best odds. To help you with this, we have checked the latest information about the Ugandan and International bookmakers industry news and the most popular sporting events.

These are the criteria for finding the best online bookmakers in Uganda

To find the best betting company, we created reliable grading criteria for different categories and registered new accounts on all legal companies in Uganda.

We considered these critical criteria points: the availability of sports markets, payout rates, and varying odds, as well as security details and bonus quality. Jump to your favorite category to check, or scroll down to see all of them.

The Criteria to Ranking the Best Ugandan Bookies

  • Sports Markets
  • Odds/Payout levels
  • Special Offers, Deposit bonus and promo code
  • Betting Types
  • Security Standards
  • Mobile Apps
  • Live Betting
  • Payment Methods
  • Platform Functionality
  • Additional Features
  • Customer Services
  • Reputation

Leagues and sports

The most important thing for a bettor is the online sportsbook to provide a consistent rotation of leagues and sports events to bet online. Many gambling companies in Uganda offer different bets on some of the most popular sports events.

Football Events : English Premier League and More

Football betting is very popular, whether it’s to watch, play, or bet on. Most betting companies in Uganda offer the opportunity to their customers to bet online on football, as a football betting offer is always fascinating.

Tennis: Grand Slam and More

Another popular sport to bet on in Uganda is tennis. Both local and international matches get plenty of attention, while the annual Grand Slam series is the best-known and most popular in Uganda.

Boxing: World Boxing Championships

Boxing is also famous in Uganda, with a large number of passionate fans. This makes Ugandans very skilled in boxing betting, and they regularly place bets on international events, such as the World Boxing Championships.

Basketball: Finals, NBA, and College

Ugandan bettors are attracted to basketball and especially to the NBA league. Nearly all websites will offer betting services for all major league games as well as smaller divisions.

Basketball is a major draw for bettors in Uganda

Cricket: International Cricket Tournament, Cricket World Cup

Since the 19th century, cricket has been a popular sport in Uganda. Therefore there are many cricket betting choices, whether the Cricket World Cup or the International Cricket Tournament.

Rugby Union: International Rugby Union, and many more

In Uganda, rugby union has been popular over the past ten year, with many betting sites offering the opportunity to bet on this sport.

These six sports are most popular and can be found on most Ugandan betting websites. This is not a complete list of all sports available in the country. Many sportsbooks also offer other sports and leagues, such as American football and baseball, horse racing and many more.

We considered the popularity of sports and other less-known events when calculating our scores in this category. We also considered tournaments like the USA’s March Madness college-basketball tournament. We also examined whether other bet types, such as political elections, were available.

The Best Bookies: Payouts, Odds, and Lines

It is important to compare the odds and lines offered by different websites and their average payout rates. Site fairness measures its overall integrity, while payout rates measure how much revenue is returned to customers as winnings, and how much is retained as profit. It’s best to place your bets at sites that offer higher payouts and better odds.

You can display odds in decimals, fractional or moneyline. It is common to see odds as decimals. Understanding the differences between Ugandan betting sites is important to compare the best. Here are the top betting sites in Uganda concerning payout rates.

It is worth noting that these figures are the average payout rates as of the date of writing. It’s standard for payouts and odds that fluctuate different sports markets can offer different payouts over time. As a guideline, we recommend you further research and use the information provided.

Betting Offer : Welcome bonus offers and deposit Bonuses

For new customers, welcome bonuses are often one of the most attractive features of an online bookie. An excellent welcome bonus can be a great way for you to start your online experience. It gives you the freedom to have a decent budget for football bets and allows you to make small investments. Here are some examples of the best new offers for Ugandan players in betting.

There are many types of bonus offers, these bonuses are common to online bookmakers, and it is worth learning about them before you claim them. Most common bonuses for sportsbooks include cashback, deposit matches, and bookmakers’ free bets. The table below shows the best sites offering welcome bonuses for bookmakers. Never forget that the Terms and Conditions of respective bookmakers apply, and there is always a minimum deposit to be eligible for the bonus.

Betting Sites Uganda Best Deposit Bonuses
Betting Sites Uganda Best Deposit Bonuses

Bonus category :

Best Bonuses in Uganda Betway

Top Deposit Matches2 2Bet

Top Promotions Betway

Top Free Bets 22Bet

The Best Cashback Offers Betway

Top Odds Boosts 22Bet

We recommend that you do not claim a welcome bonus for a new player before you make any other arrangements. Please read the Terms and Conditions. Your bonus will always have conditions that can impact your bonus. In some cases, they may even be worthless.

You’ll find the most common and important terms you’ll encounter are the wagering requirements and validity. It is better to find bonuses that have lower wagering requirements. This means that bonuses can be converted into winnings more quickly, so minimum odds should be lower. However, a more extended validity period gives you more time for your bonus to be used.

Some players will only stay with a particular bookmaker until their welcome bonus is exhausted. Others prefer to stay longer with the bookmaker. The best bookies offer ongoing promotions for loyal customers. These promotions may include VIP programs, reload bonuses, and additional free bet.

Types of bets

The betting market in Uganda is relatively open to all types of bets. This is why there are many betting options available to players, and these include popular single bets and parlays that can show up on your betting slip. These types are offered by all of our top sportsbooks.

It is vital that the bet types category is understood as it will ensure that a bookie remains exciting, flexible, and competitive. Each type of betting has its advantages, and it is worth learning about them. Here are some examples of what you will find. These are some of the most popular bet types and can be found on Ugandan betting sites.

  • Single Bets
  • Double Bets
  • Triple Bets
  • Head-to-head
  • Bets on the Over/Under Line
  • Parlay
  • Props for players
  • Handicaps
  • Margin Betting
  • Live betting
  • Future Markets
  • Exotics

Many players stick to certain types of bets they are familiar with and have experience with. We suggest that you expand your betting horizons as much as you can. You can improve your skills by trying out different betting types and increasing your chances of winning at Ugandan betting platforms.

Safety and Security

Perhaps security is the most important factor, and this is what we take into consideration when reviewing online bookmaker sites. We want to recommend only the best and safest online betting sites in Uganda, so we have to check a few things to ensure that they aren’t scams, even if the Uganda regulatory board has approved a legal license.

Encryption technology is the first way to ensure that players are protected. This protects users’ financial information and private details, as well as connections to operators, from cyber-attacks. Below are the details. You can find the most common encryption companies, bookies service

Online Sports Betting Sites Uganda: Safety Partners

Online bookmakers should only be recommended if they have been granted an official license from a respected gambling authority. We only recommend sites that comply with the minimum security standards regarding data safety and encryption. The law also protects them.

Encryption is not the only option. Top sports betting companies in Uganda use responsible gambling technology to recognize players engaging in problem gambling behavior. This technology can detect problems early enough to help players find the right treatment or self-exclusion. It is also crucial that all players have a legal gambling age.

To verify whether operators use encryption, scroll down to the bottom of this homepage for responsible practices. You will find the logos of encryption providers, gambling aid organizations, and licensing information. You may reconsider signing up for the site if there aren’t logos like these.

The Best Sports Betting App – Mobile Bets

Today, Uganda has a lot of punters that use mobile devices to place bets through dedicated mobile apps or mobile browser platforms. This is a very convenient way to bet, so ensuring that the online sportsbook has a mobile version of its desktop site is important.

Ugandan betting apps are designed to appeal to the majority of players. They should be compatible with iOS devices and Android devices. The mobile version of the site is also fast, intuitive, simple to use, and has the same features and betting markets as the desktop. Below are the top Ugandan betting apps for each category.

Best Ugandan Betting Apps
Best Ugandan Betting Apps

Top Ugandan Betting Apps

  • Betway Mobile app – The Best iOS Betting App
  • 22Bet Android App – Best Android Betting App
  • Betway Mobile App Top Betting Features
  • 22Bet – The Most Attractive Interface
  • Betway Mobile App Best Live Streaming Options

Our last category for the best sports betting apps grading criteria includes the best app for live streaming events. Although live broadcasting is relatively new, it is becoming more popular among the top sportsbooks. Many sites do not yet offer such services for mobile devices. We’ll be discussing the advantages of streaming and live betting in the next section.

Live streaming and live betting

Live betting allows you to place wagers on sporting or other real-time events. It is legal in Uganda. Many sites allow gambling in real-time. We are confident that this is one of the most immersive ways to bet, especially when it is combined with watching an event live.

Below is a list of the best online betting companies in Uganda. Each bookie has a variety of live events and bets types. There are also live streaming options. These deals are usually made with broadcasters and leagues.

You can enhance your live gambling experience by watching an event. We highly recommend it. This is especially useful when the bookie has early cashout options. Players can cash out either before a game ends or claim their wins. You can cancel your bet or get a refund if you think you might lose.

Payment methods used at Online Betting Uganda.

Another important criterion is the available payment options. We prefer bookmakers that offer various payment options because it shows that they care about making the site more appealing to bettors. Some payment methods have a strong reputation for security, which is also desirable.

You can use credit cards, debit cards, mobile money, and bank transfers to access the best online betting sites in Uganda. Some examples are Paypal for virtual banking, Airtel Money as mobile money, and many more. You will find payment options that are free of transaction fees, flexible for withdrawals and deposits, and allow you to make instant transfers.

These payment options are very common for Uganda’s online betting companies. Transaction limits can vary from one site to another, and you will also find information about the transaction time and fees. A dedicated Payment page will provide more details on bookies’ payments.

Betting Site Uganda Payment Methods
Betting Site Uganda Payment Methods

The website functionality

Website functionality is related to its design quality and how easily a player can use it. This particular element also has to do with the website’s responsiveness. It also measures the controls to make sure it is easy to navigate through the various betting types, markets, and cashier options.

Also, we want to check the site’s aesthetics. A dull color scheme or poorly designed menu can negatively impact your enjoyment of a bookie. Website functionality is the most important criterion for returnability. Website functionality is essential. Why choose a bookie with poor design when there are many beautiful alternatives?

Additional Features

We’ve now covered the essential characteristics of a good bookie. It’s time for you to explore the other features that aren’t commonly found, such as live streaming, early cashouts, and fast bets. It is a fact that it is not always possible to locate all additional features on one site. However, not all sites offer every feature. These extra features will likely become more standardized in the future, so we’ll be reviewing them more often.

Customer Service

If you have ever had to contact customer service on a website, you will know how frustrating it is to get unfriendly and unhelpful assistance that takes so long to reach. We believe that poor service at a bookmaker is unacceptable because customers invest a lot of money in the products.

The top gambling websites offer customer service via telephone, email, and live chat. You will receive prompt and efficient service 24 hours a day. Below is a table that we have provided, an overview of customer service bookie sites in Uganda

Contact us Available at Ugandan Sportsbooks Response time Usually available Telephone Common Maximum 1 hour16 hours per day Contact Form/E-Mail Common You can get up to 48 hours16 hours per day Chat live Common You can stay up to one hour24/7MessengerRare––Social Networks Rare––

The ideal customer support will offer live chat service and telephone lines open 24 hours a day. This shows that the company understands that different bettors have different play habits and come from various backgrounds. Sites with poor customer service will not be recommended.

Bettting Sites Uganda Customer Support
Bettting Sites Uganda Customer Support

The Bookie Reputation

We took the time to evaluate the bookmaker reviews as we approached the end of the bookmaker review stage. The reputation of a bookie comes from its current customers, former players, and local gaming experts. This is the best way to ensure we don’t miss anything and that feedback from a bettor is not ignored.

We visit forums and social media pages, and groups dedicated to bookies to do this. We read the negative and positive reviews and discussions among bettors. We will remove a site from our recommendations if we find evidence that bookies act unethically or unfairly.

How to open an account at Ugandan Bookmaker

Registering for an account at an online betting platform in Uganda is easy and is standard across all licensed bookmakers. Follow our step-by-step guide to register for a betting account with an online betting site in Uganda. Below are some tips to help you be prepared when you join and make your first deposit. Make sure you choose a bookie who has received a legal license from the gaming regulatory board of Uganda.

Betting Sites Uganda
Betting Sites Uganda
  1. Enter your details. Click the Join button at the top of the page for your bookie. Please enter your name, address, and age.
  2. Please provide identification documents. Upload your official photo identification. This could be your passport, national identification card, or driving license. It is crucial to meet the minimum age requirements.
  3. Make your first deposit and claim your bonus. You may use a promo code for more money. Once your identity has been verified, you can choose your payment method and select your welcome bonus to make the first deposit. It’s now time to place your bets!

It’s obligatory to provide your details with official documentation for your safety. It’s as simple as that. The verification stage should not take more than 24 hours. It is crucial to make sure that gambling sites do not accept minors. It’s as easy and quick as it looks.

eSports: CSGO & virtual gambling

Esports is the term used to describe online tournaments and video game competitions. In recent years we have seen a rise in Esports and virtual betting. ESports attract millions of spectators regularly, and this sector has become hugely popular on betting sites in Uganda. Many eSports websites in Uganda now offer good odds for playing games.

Fortnite, League of Legends, and Counter-Strike: Global Offensive are the most popular games. If you are new to eSports, we recommend placing your bets with CSGO gambling sites, as these first-person shooter games are the easiest to grasp for new viewers.

We recommend eSports if you haven’t tried it yet, since there are always new games to play. Games are shorter than traditional sports and offer more active fun. It’s also easier to watch how events are developed. Make sure you research players and tournaments and only play games you are familiar with.

Regulation of Sports Betting in Uganda and the Gambling Environment

In the past fifty years, Gambling has become increasingly popular in Uganda. Online Gambling is one of the most popular. It has been legalized since 2016 when the Lotteries and Gaming Act was adopted. This law also triggered the creation of Uganda’s National Gaming Board, which is responsible for regulating the market.

We’ll be covering the current state of the local gambling industry. This includes the laws and the history of evolution, as the future of the gambling industry in Uganda is uncertain. So, it’s worth it to read the following paragraphs.

Gambling Commission & Licence

The National Gaming Board of Uganda regulates the entire Ugandan gambling industry. To regulate gambling as the whole industry in Uganda, the NGBU was created. Its mission is to improve the safety and quality of gambling in the country, and it is responsible for issuing licenses for online sites and casinos to be legal. It also oversees the state lottery.

Uganda has had a legal land-based casinos market since 2004, with the majority of 13 licensed casinos in Kampala, Uganda’s capital. These casinos offer table and slot games. Bettors will need to visit one of the country’s licensed casino games. 1100+ standalone land-based parlors for betting, you can also wager on sports personally.

As we have seen, up to 70 operators are allowed that can apply for licenses. To be approved for a Ugandan gambling site, it must show that it provides a safe, fair, and secure product. The state charges a 35 percent tax on gross gaming revenue or about $8 million annually.

Gambling is only allowed to people over 25 years of age. This is relatively high in comparison to other markets. The country has managed to survive despite these restrictions. It is difficult to stop minors from signing up with illegal bookmakers, so the NGBU took new steps to restrict advertising on illegal bookies.

Online bookies that Accept a Valid Uganda Licence

  • The Rangers Limited – ( Betway), – Licence Number GB-015
  • Arcadia Hospitality Limited ( 22Bet – Licence Number GB-008

The most worrying news was the announcement by the president of Uganda in 2019 that he would stop online gambling. This plan includes Stopping international betting sites from renewing their licenses when they expire. The country is likely to allow only local operators to accept Ugandan players.

Websites to Avoid

Always ensure that you use a secure website. Unfortunately, scammers often target online betting customers to steal financial data. You should always make sure you only place your bets with licensed operators.

There are many. Nothing is as reliable as licensing to ensure that your connection is secure and that you receive your payments on time. We recommend that you raise red flags if an online gambling site refuses to submit a license application and continues to accept players from illegal markets.

  • Riverbet
  • Premiumbull
  • DigiBet
  • Bigbetworld
  • Allhorseracing
  • Gamebet
  • 21 bet
  • 1xbet
  • 12 Bet

These websites were blacklisted because they accept players from multiple countries without being approved by gambling authorities. The players are at risk of breaking the law and do not have legal protection in the event of an error. Place your bets only with licensed and trusted bookmakers.

Future and History

Uganda was a British colony until 1963. Uganda gained independence in 1963.A national lottery system was created to increase public revenues and allow incoming investments in the country. This led to the passage of the National Lotteries Act of 1967 and the Gaming and Pool Betting Act of 1998.

These laws set out the definition of legal gambling and required that gambling establishments seek approval from the government before accepting wagers. While these laws exist, many illegal gambling platforms still thrived over the following decades, as the problem was all over the country. The problem was not solved until 2004.

History of Ugandan Sports Betting Laws & Acts

  • 1967
  • 1968
  • 2004
  • 2016
  • 2019

Gaming Act and Lotteries passed a new law to unify the country’s gaming laws. This law authorizes the establishment of the National Gaming Board Uganda, the primary regulator of online and land-based gambling in Uganda. 

The 2004 Casino games and Gaming Bill was passed, which legalized land-based gambling and sports betting parlors. Since 2004, 13 land-based casinos in the country have been licensed. They offer various gambling options, including colorful casino games and slot machines. In 2016 the gaming laws were combined into one Act, and the NGBU was created as the sole regulator of gambling.

It is difficult to predict how the betting industry will perform in the future. The government could restrict the number of local operators if it commits to its plan to stop foreigners from renewing their licenses. However, local operators still have time to ensure they are just as competitive as foreign firms before they are taken out.

Gambling in Uganda: Conclusion

We’re now at the end of this guide. It should be obvious that there are many top-quality gambling sites in Uganda. These sites offer a wide range of gambling, functional websites, and great customer service.

We are confident that you won’t make a mistake choosing a bookie, as all of our recommendations have been granted Ugandan licenses. Different bookies offer different perks. This will appeal to specific customers. We’ve compiled a list of the top bookies based on their strengths.

Overview of the Best Online Sportsbooks In Uganda 2022

  • Betway – The Best Ugandan Bookmaker
  • 22Bet – Most Popular New Ugandan Sportsbook

Remember that we update these reviews of sports betting sites to ensure you receive the most accurate and up-to-date reviews, so we recommend that you check in regularly. We will remove any operator who fails to meet our standards or replace them with a better site.

Most Frequently Asked Questions

Do you need quick answers to your questions about Ugandan gambling sites but don’t have the time to read this entire guide? Find answers to frequently asked questions. Here’s more information about Uganda’s betting industry. Each section of the answers has a link, so make sure you click on it for more information.

Which are the best gambling sites in Uganda?

This guide reviews the Top gambling sites in Uganda. Each site was carefully evaluated and tested to ensure that only the best sites are featured. We will feature only the best. The most recent deals and offers, so check the list regularly as it may be updated.

What gambling opportunities can I find at Ugandan bookies?

There are many bookmakers with special offers for Uganda players. The most popular bet on matches, cashbacks, free bets, and many more. You can also enjoy VIP programs and reload bonuses from the best bookies, which can prolong your experience with a site.

Is gambling legal in Uganda?

Yes. Gambling is legal in Uganda, you only need to gamble with licensed bookmakers that meet all gambling regulations. The National Gaming Board of Uganda enforces these rules, ensuring fair gambling, while sites use encryption technology.

Is PayPal legal in Uganda?

Yes. PayPal allows you to place bets, and it is possible to do so in Uganda. We recommend PayPal, as it is the easiest and most convenient payment method available. PayPal offers withdrawals and deposits as well as security features that are world-class.

Do you know of any other gambling sites that you would recommend?

We only review the websites that have a legal license and pass our strict criteria according to their functionality, features, and services.

Live gambling is possible in Uganda

Yes. Placing live bets is possible in Uganda. Bet in an immersive, thrilling manner as you will be able to stream live from your computer. Many Ugandan bookies have live streaming and real-time betting rules. Check our section for more information.

What is the best app for betting on sports in Uganda?

We recommend that you visit our Top sports betting apps Section for the most current list. This list is constantly updated as new apps are released, and mobile technology changes. All recommendations are compatible with iOS and Android devices, offering many betting opportunities.

Can you bet on the outcome of elections?

Some Ugandan sites offer the choice of placing political bets. You can place bets on international elections and candidate nominations through political betting. Keep an eye on the news to maximize your election betting. These odds constantly change as we get closer to the election.

List of Ugandan Bookmakers : All Betting Sites

In this final guide, we have summarized all the top Ugandan bookmakers that are worth signing up for. This is the current list of safe, fair, secure, competitive, and fun online betting companies. Once you are ready, Claim the Welcome Bonus. Use the provided link to get to your site.

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