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SportyBet Nigeria Review

SportyBet Nigeria is aiming to be ahead of the rest with a site that makes a great first impression. It is a beautiful site that is available in English and has its sights on players from Africa. The app is a great way to prove they are serious competitors in the market.

Sportybet Nigeria betting company
Sportybet Nigeris sports betting

It is a question of whether they can and will continue to build on this momentum throughout their entire experience. Is the first time you sign up with SportyBet more rewarding than the long-term chances? Things look great right now. But let’s dig deeper to find the full story.

It doesn’t get any easier than this. SportyBet registration is as simple as dialing a number. You will need a number from Africa, such as Nigeria or Kenya, to register at SportyBet. If you wish, you can log in to Facebook.

Although you may lose some elements with such a simple registration, there are many advantages in terms of accessibility.  SportyBet feels like it’s only a few clicks away. It’s simple and straightforward, with all the details (like bank details) being added at a later stage.

Registration at Sportybet Nigeria

The registration process is very simple, in order to be able to register for a free personal betting account players must be over 18 years old. Here are the steps users have to follow in order to grand a betting account.

Sportybet Registration for Nigerian players
  • Register using your personal phone number
  • Type your desired password

or alternative way for registration

  • Use your facebook account for registration.

That’s it , now you are able to make a deposit and start betting.

SportyBet Payment Methods

SportyBet offers a wide range of banking options. The site also targets a specific audience.

First, there are two options: bank card or bank account. Simply enter your card details, and then tell them the amount you wish to deposit using your bank card. Depending on the verification method, you can enter your PIN or bank token. SportyBet banking is made possible by phones. This is only one example.

Deposit Methods

To deposit with your bank account, you will need to fill out the details again (including your bank number and account number) as well as tell them how much money you wish to deposit. Entering your birth date (or OTP) will verify the transaction. This is again very simple.

These deposit options are free of fees. Accepted bank accounts include Access Bank, Diamond Bank Fidelity Bank First Bank of Nigeria First City Monument Bank GT Bank Zenith Bank ALAT by WEMA, Fidelity Bank and Fidelity Bank. Minimum transaction is NGN 100.00, maximum transactions NGN 9,999999,00. Although transactions should occur immediately, SportyBet cannot be held responsible for bank issues.

Withdrawal Methods

As with all withdrawals, they can be made through a bank account. You will need the same information. There are no fees. However, a carrier fee of NGN 500.00 is charged for withdrawals less than NGN 1,000,000.00. Maximum withdrawal limits are the same as maximum deposits. Within 24 hours, withdrawals should be processed. You will need to verify your identity by sending an SMS when you create a new account.

Mobile isn’t just important, you can also deposit or withdraw funds via your phone through M-pesa Paybill and STK Push. This is also very simple. M-pesa Paybill is as easy as going to the menu and entering the business number 202202 along with the account number SPORTYBET. You will need to tell them how much money you want to transfer and then enter your PIN. Send an SMS to 29123 with your PIN code and the amount you wish to withdraw to request your withdrawal.

STK Push deposits work in the same manner. Send an SMS to the number to tell them how much money you would like to deposit. To prove your identity, you might be asked to send a verification letter to the customer to confirm your address.

SportyBet, as we mentioned, makes it easy to identify their target audience with these options. Not only are they able to select where they live, but also what type of customers they want. This is all about simplicity and convenience, just like the registration process.

They could use cryptocurrencies for example, but this would be in sharp contrast to their focus of ease-of-use. They could probably do both. The options here are more than adequate for the customer they want.

Sportybet Nigeria Welcome Bonus

A welcome bonus is one of the most effective ways to attract new customers. This is why welcome bonuses are so prominently displayed at betting sites. SportyBet is more reserved in this regard than others. It’s not everywhere on their homepage. We think that it would be distracting from the design and usability that is so important to their vision.

Sportybet welcome bonus for Nigerian players
Multiple bonus boost – by Sportybet

It is available in the form of a NGN 1000 (or equivalent currency) gift set. The amount you get depends on the amount of your first deposit. These are divided into different amounts.

For example, NGN 50 can be used to get gifts. NGN 200 deposits will give you NGN 600. These gifts can be used for longer than the deposit, up to 6-10 days. You cannot place gifts on bets greater than 3.15 and duplicates are not allowed.

Each gift must be valid in its entirety. For example, if you deposit NGN 50, your gifts of NGN 150 will be broken down into 1X NGN 3, NGN 7, NGN 15, NGN 15 and 3X NGN 25, respectively. To unlock the 1X NGN 7, you would need to place the 1X NGN 3.

Unfortunately, we are unable to fully analyze the offer’s quality due to a lack of detail regarding terms and conditions. This is especially true when it comes down to wagering requirements. We hope this is rectified soon.

Sportybet Sportsbook Promos

SportyBet also offers other specials. Before we get on to the point, it’s important to mention that SportyBet likes to constantly improve and update their promotional content. This is evident because, as you read this, several promotions have ended recently. The promotions currently available have time restrictions. This includes the Welcome Bonus.

This means that promotions may have changed depending on the time you read this. However, the majority of sites offer promotions of high quality. We hope you are able to see them here and get an idea of what kind of promotion you will be receiving, even if details have changed.

We also offer the Sportsbooks Match of the Day, in addition to the Welcome Bonus. This is a simple one, offering odds boosts on a selected match in all pre-match markets. Refer your friends to the site and you could win gifts.

This is all we have at the moment. We can still see promotions for cash gifts and free bets, as well as a prediction contest with a NGN 100,000 prize. The promotional page is always changing, which we love. This not only gives users more options but also makes it seem more forward-thinking and fresh.

It’s always a positive sign that a site is committed to improving and coming up with innovative ideas. This shows that they don’t want to rest on their laurels in a highly competitive market.

It’s again the lack of details that makes it difficult. We don’t have any examples of odds increases or information about the prizes that you receive for referring friends. A side effect of constantly changing promotions is the lack of a customer reward option. While we understand that this would require SportyBet to continue a promotion indefinitely, it is not the way they are going. However, we believe that there could be a compromise to get the best of both worlds. There are still many options.

Pre-match Offer

Our first impressions were positive, and that was largely due to the number of sports available. We are pleased to report that our first impressions do have depth.

We’d like you to know that there are other sites with more sports options. SportyBet currently offers the following options: football, basketball and volleyball; handball, darts, ice hockey, cricket, handball, beach volley, and ice hockey. It’s a good selection of popular options, but what makes them stand out is the variety of sports they cover. They cover everything, from the Premier League to Ligue 1 football. SportyBet is focused on offering the best possible version of what they do, so other bookmakers might have more options. But few sites offer this depth.

When we checked randomly, there were 292 game markets and a Bournemouth-Crystal Palace match had 118 betting options. This is just one way that the site offers extensive sports coverage. You can also view the results of relevant tournaments and sports around the globe and follow the games via live graphics. We’ll talk more about this later.

We’ll use the exact same example for margins. The odds of winning at home were 2.13. This is 46.9% implied probability. An away win had odds of 3.51, which is 28.6%. A draw was 3.50. This is 103.2%. That’s a 3.2% margin or overround.

Overall, we are impressed by the Sports options offered at SportyBet. Although we are pleased with the sports options at SportyBet, we think that there should be more markets to appeal to people with less mainstream tastes. It is disappointing that esports are not available. However, every sport covered is done flawlessly.

Live Betting Offer

The live betting option is one of the best features of SportyBet. Live bets are a big part of the betting experience. The way that sports are covered is also outstanding.

First, live streaming is not available. SportyBet isn’t going to be criticized for this, because licensing issues make it impossible for many other betting sites. We have to give them credit for their incredible efforts in finding the next best thing.

You can easily follow the action live by following a series of beautifully designed graphics. These graphics make it easy to follow what’s happening on the pitch. This is not only fun, but also keeps you more informed so you can make better and more strategic decisions.

Sportybet live betting section
Sportybet Nigeria Live-betting on sport events

SportyBet Nigeria Cashout

Let’s start with the bad news. At SportyBet, there is no bet-builder that we are aware of at the time. We will however say that the positive thing about their betting market options is that it’s much less problematic than on other sites.

There are two options for cashout: partial or full. Partial cashout allows you to leave a portion of your stake unaltered, which makes this feature very flexible.

To cash out, simply choose the option on your slip. Naturally, the amount you get will depend on how likely your bet is to win. You can’t cashout before the end of a bet that is based on a promotional item – which is fine – and it is not available for bets exceeding NGN 400. This is the most serious problem.

Sportybet Nigeria Safety

BCLB has licensed SportyBet under the Betting, Lotteries and Gaming Act. Legally, this means that you can consider the site legitimate. SportyBet’s privacy policy promises that they will protect your data and not reveal your personal information to any third parties, unless required by authorities.

You can also find advice on responsible gambling, and self-exclusion is an option. This is a shame, but it’s part of their simplicity. For assistance, you will need to contact customer support. This would not be a problem if things didn’t go according to plan.

SportyBet Nigeria Mobile App

Sportybet Android application
Sportybet Nigeria – mobile app for Android

This impressive design is also carried over to the mobile side of things. The SportyBet mobile app is every bit as impressive as its bigger brother and perhaps more so, considering the sheer amount of information that needs to be put on the smaller screen. And yet it does so with ease, proving that the structure of this site remains one of its finest qualities.

From a technical standpoint too, everything works just as it should on the desktop and all your options, including cashout, are very much available. It’s also worth pointing out that SportyBet recently updated their app just as we are writing. This shows us that – just as was the case with promotions – they are constantly moving forward with site improvements.

Customer Support Service

The Help section is generally very good. Although it doesn’t cover everything, it covers most of the basics and is very well written. Although we were unable to confirm, there is a live chat option that appears to be available 24 hours a day.You can also contact Sportybet Nigeria via phone and email.


Although we believe there are many positives to SportyBet, it is still frustrating. It could be even better if it offered more options and explained itself more clearly. Although we know that we experienced problems with customer service, we do not believe these are typical of your experience. SportyBet is likely to fix these problems, as we can see from their app and promotions that it is constantly striving for improvement.

They are still a popular betting site. They’re easy to use and have a lot of depth. They could do more, but they have done enough to merit a recommendation to African players.

SportyBet Nigeria FAQ

Is Sportybet legal in Nigeria?

Sportybet Nigeria has established itself as a very safe and reliable betting site. Sportybet has a full license to operate in Nigeria ( by the Lagos State Lottery Board (LSLB) ), as well as in Kenya and Ghana. It also cooperates with a large number of banks in Nigeria to conduct transactions.

What payment methods does Sportybet offer?

Sportybet Nigeria offers to make payments using bank cards and bank accounts. You can also use various debit and credit cards, including Visa and Mastercard. You can make transactions with more than 20 banks registered in Nigeria.

Does Sportybet have a mobile app?

Yes, Sportybet has a mobile application that is available for free download on the official website of the bookmaker. To download it, click on the “Application” tab to open the page below, and then click “Download for free”.

How can i register at Sportybet Nigeria?

To complete the registration process in Sportybet Nigeria, follow these steps:
Visit the Sportybet Nigeria homepage and click “Register” in the upper-right corner.
In the registration form, enter your mobile phone number and enter your unique password.
As soon as you click ‘Create an Account’ and your account will be automatically activated

Is there a welcome bonus in Sportybet Nigeria?

Yes, Sportybet Nigeria welcomes all its new customers with a bonus of 500 NGN for each friend you invite to join Sportybet.

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