Best Betting Sites in Nigeria 2024

Do you want to locate a Nigerian betting site and place some bets there? This is the place for you. You will find the right betting site Africa for you, regardless of whether you are looking to place bets on basketball, football, or tennis. Continue reading to discover the top betting sites in Nigeria.

Betting sites in Nigeria 2022


Are you new to betting online on sports?What is the best way to get started?Are you looking for the best Nigerian betting site? You’ve come to the right place.

We have evaluated the Nigerian betting sites. You have selected the best.

Follow our guide to find the best betting site for your tastes and desires.

A bookmaker that is a good choice must have a number of basic characteristics, such as a comprehensive sportsbook, easy withdrawal and payment options, competitive odds, and customer service that is efficient and friendly.

It can be difficult and confusing to make a decision. But we’ve done the hard work and found the best gambling sites in Nigeria.

Find the best bookies in the country by reading on!


Many people ask us questions about the best gambling sites in Nigeria. Here are some of the most frequently asked questions.

What is the best Nigerian betting site?

There are many great Nigerian betting sites. It is difficult to pick the best one.

We believe that the best Nigerian betting sites accept Naira. They offer a variety of betting options, great bonuses, betting odds, and make it simple and easy for Nigerian players withdraw and deposit money.

Bet9ja is a fantastic betting site that meets all the criteria.

Online betting is legal in Nigeria, of course!

Online gambling and betting are governed by several laws in Nigeria. In addition, bodies such as the National Lottery Regulatory Commission (NLRC) and the Lagos State Lotteries Board regulate bookmakers’ activities in Nigeria.

Can I use international gambling sites?

Yes. You can use both international and local betting sites depending on your preferences and needs.

Betway is a great place to play international poker. Betway is a user-friendly website with many great betting options.

How can I receive a welcome bonus at a betting site

It is very easy. After you sign up for a betting site, and make your first deposit, you can get a welcome bonus.

The amount that you deposit will determine how many betting sites offer a bonus.

The majority of the time, your first deposit will be doubled by the betting site. 1xBet, for example, may triple your first deposit.

It is easy to join a betting site.

First, consult the above list to find the best betting site for you. Next, click the green”Claim”Click the button to be redirected directly to a signup page.

You can now sign up for a betting site by entering your personal details. After making your first deposit, you will receive a bonus.

We recommend betway as a top-rated betting site in Nigeria if you’re still unsure about which one to choose.

Is it possible for a person to make money at a betting site?

Yes, it is possible but not easy..

Online betting is a great way to make money. We recommend you spend the time to research and strategize. Before you can become financially successful, it will take a lot of effort and time.

This is not the best way to make easy money. Online betting is a viable option if you are committed to making money.

How can I deposit money to a betting site

There are many ways to deposit money at Nigerian betting sites. Many accept bank cards from all the major banks of Nigeria.

You can also send a bank wire transfer or use an e-wallet such as PayPal, Skrill, or Quickteller. There are many options.

Which is the best place to bet on football in Nigeria?

Nigerian bettors are most likely to wager on football, which is why it is Nigeria’s most-loved sport.

You will need a reliable football betting site if you are like many Nigerian players and want to place bets on your favorite football team.

There are many options available. Bet9ja gives Nigerian players access the most important European leagues, tournaments.

It can be hard to choose among the more than 50 Nigerian betting companies. But we’ve done the hard work!

We’ve done extensive research into Nigeria’s betting market and have identified the top betting sites.

Each bookmaker has its pros and cons. However, some bookmakers are better than others.

It is important to choose an easy-to-use bookie if you’re just beginning your online betting journey.

These user-friendly gambling sites are plentiful in Nigeria.

Top 10 Nigerian Betting Sites

  1. Betway: The best betting site for beginners in Nigeria
  2. Bet9ja: Nigerian gambling site with high-quality standards
  3. NairaBet: Nigeria’s best betting site
  4. 1xBet: A huge sportsbook offering a wide range of betting options
  5. 22Bet: The best football betting site
  6. Bet365: The best live streaming betting site for Nigeria
  7. Betwinner: The best betting site in Nigeria to live-bet
  8. Melbet: The best Nigerian betting site
  9. Wazobet: Nigerian gambling site offering a great welcome bonus and quick payouts
  10. Parimatch: A new betting site that offers live streaming.


You are new to online betting on sports and want to know how to place a bet on a Nigerian betting site. This tutorial will help you.

These steps will help you place your first wager.

Register on a Nigerian betting site

A betting site is required to place an online bet. You don’t need to look hard to find a good betting site. We’ve compiled a list with the top betting sites in Nigeria for your convenience. Select any of these amazing betting sites to open an account.


The next step is to make a deposit into your betting account. You won’t be able place a wager on the site if you haven’t made a deposit.

Payment methodFeesMinimum depositMax deposit
Credit/Debit card (Visa, Mastercard).0%$10$40,000
Vodafone Cash0%42,400
MTN Mobile Money1-3%1100
AirtelTigo Money0%10500
Speedpay0%v 10500

Get your welcome bonus

Many betting sites now offer welcome bonuses. The best betting sites in Nigeria offer great bonuses to new customers. A welcome bonus usually comes in the form of a cash prize and allows you to start your betting journey with some extra money.

Place your bets

You are now ready to place your first bets at your favorite betting site with money in your account.

Sign up at any one of the top betting sites if you’re ready to start your betting journey.Nigerian betting sitesYou can!


It is important to confirm that the site is legal before you sign up for any Nigerian betting site.

Some betting sites in Nigeria are illegal and unlicensed. Avoid these sites, as they could get you in trouble.

Nigeria’s two major regulatory bodies are the National Lottery Regulatory Commission (NLRC) and the Lagos State Lotteries Board (LSLB).

Licenses from one or both of these bodies are required for the best gambling sites in Nigeria.

All the gambling sites we recommend are trusted and legal.

They are secure and safe, and have licenses from the most respected local and international authorities.

Is it safe to bet on NIGERIA’S BETTING SITES?

It is legal to place bets on Nigerian betting sites provided that the site holds operating licenses from the relevant regulatory bodies.

You will find the licenses of the best betting sites at bottom of every page. You can scroll to the bottom of the page to see the licenses.

You can also read our reviews to find the best betting site for you.

MBS Nigeria only promotes legal and trusted gambling sites.

What sports are available on betting sites in Nigeria?

There are many sports you can wager on, including boxing, tennis, basketball and formula 1, as well as football and tennis.

Some betting sites in Nigeria even have 40 sports!

You can therefore wager on major tournaments such as the English Premier League, UEFA Champions League and the World Cup.


The No. 1 sport in Nigeria is football. Football is the No. 1 sport in Nigeria and, by extension, the most wagered-on sport in the country. Millions of Nigerians wager on football every day.

Any betting site that is worth its salt should have a fantastic football selection.

The top betting sites in Nigeria offer huge football markets that cover matches from all over the globe.

You can place your bets on the most popular leagues such as theEnglish Premier LeagueThere are also less popular football competitions, such as those in Guatemala or Vietnam.

You can also bet on the Super Eagles or domestic competitions such as the Nigeria Professional Football League (FA Cup) and Nigeria Professional Football League (NFFL).

There are many betting options available on betting sites for football, including three-way betting, double chances, goals betting, handicap betting and goals betting. You can also bet on corners, shots and substitutions as well as cards.


When making a decision, there are many factors to take into consideration your betting site.Your needs and preferences will ultimately determine your choice.

You want an easy-to-use site if you’re new to online gambling.

You want a site that offers a high-quality sportsbook and has plenty of betting options.There are many betting options and very high odds.

It is important to take into consideration the following factors before you decide on which betting site you will use.

  1. User friendliness
  2. Sportsbook
  3. Promotions and welcome bonus
  4. Deposit and withdrawal methods
  5. Wetten odds
  6. Live streaming, live betting and cash out are all available as part of the betting features
  7. Mobile Experience
  8. Support for customers

While there is no one perfect site for betting, the top sites are very good in every department.


It is important to look at the withdrawal and deposit methods when choosing a betting site. This will ensure that your account can be funded quickly and you are able to claim your winnings.

Many Nigerian websites are excellent in this area and offer a variety of payment options in Naira as well as prompt withdrawal services.

We invite you to learn more about the deposit options available to Nigerian players.


Online sports betting has one of the most important functions:Deposit money to betting sites.

We won’t be able place any bets without deposits and the betting sites will not make any revenue.

The best Nigerian betting sites offer the best deposit options. They accept Naira and offer convenient payment options such as cards deposits, online banking, and OPay.

The best Nigerian betting sites offer fast and easy deposits

  1. Bet9ja
  2. Wazobet
  3. Betway
  4. NairaBet
  5. 1xBet
  6. Betwinner

You will not have any problems depositing money to your account when you sign up for one of these websites.


Many bookmakers offer aWelcome bonusIn their efforts to attract more people to become customers, they will be able to offer new customers.

Before you make a decision on which bookmaker to use, it is important to look at the various welcome offers.

You can build up a good early betting balance by receiving a welcome bonus.

You, the player, have the opportunity to earn extra money in your early betting adventures with a welcome bonus!

You may receive the bonus in different ways, such asFree betsHowever, most Nigerian betting sites use theFirst deposit bonus.


The most popular type of welcome bonus is the first deposit bonus. This type of bonus allows you to receive a percentage of your first deposit.

Numerous betting sites in Nigeria offer a 100% bonus on your first deposit. Others, such as 1xBet, go up to 200%.

You will receive a N20,000 welcome bonus if your first deposit is N10,000 at 1xBet

These bonuses come with certain terms and conditions. Before you make your decision, be sure to carefully read the terms.


It is important to consider these things when choosing a betting site.Pay attention to the betting odds you can find it on the website.

Wetten odds, these numbers indicate the likelihood of an event occurring. Although odds can be expressed using different formats, the Nigerian decimal format is preferred.

Higher odds of an event happening are better, but more difficult predictions are worse.

Let’s use an English Premier League match, Brighton vs Chelsea, as an example.

They are the favorite to win this match because Chelsea is the superior team. They have a lower odds of winning this match with 1.59.

Brighton is not as good as Chelsea. They are unlikely to win this match. The odds of a Brighton victory are better than those for Chelsea.

The odds of winning are similar across all betting sites. However, the best sites have consistently high odds.

These betting sites guarantee that you get the best value for your bets.


You can place bets on a match before it starts, but you can also wager on the match as it is happening.

It is possible thanks to the live gambling feature.

Also known as In-play or live betting can be thrilling and thrilling on certain betting sites. This allows us to react to the changes in live matches and to make predictions based on the flow of each match.

Online betting has become so popular that live betting is available on almost all Nigerian betting sites.

Live betting is not something to be taken lightly.

The quality of live betting can vary from one bookie to the next.

The best online betting sites offer live betting that is robust and dynamic, and cover a variety of sports.

According to our opinion,Betwinner is one the most popular live betting sites in Nigeria.


You want to have more control over your bets. Sign up for a betting site that offers cash-out deals.

Cash outThis is the betting feature that allows to you end your bets and withdraw your money while your games are still going.

Cashout allows you to either take a profit or reduce your losses early depending on how your bets are performing.

Pre-match and live betting are both eligible for cash out.


Let’s say you placed a live wager on an English Premier League match Arsenal and Chelsea. You have placed a wager on Arsenal winning the match.

Your stake is N10,000. The odds of winning are 3.0.

Arsenal lead by 2-0 after 70 minutes Your betting site might offer you N22,000.You will notice that the cash out offer is higher than your stake.

This is because your chances of winning your bet are high. The cash out amount you receive is always lower than your potential winnings.

You have two options: either accept this offer immediately or wait until the end of the match to claim your N30,000 winnings.

There is a danger that Arsenal might lose the match. This would mean you have zero winnings.

Your betting site might offer you N5000 cash out if Arsenal lose 0-1 after 70 minutes.

Notice again that your stake is smaller than the offer. This is because your prediction is wrong.

Thus,Cash out allows you to redeem some stakes, rather than leaving with nothing.

While cash out is possible at many Nigerian bookmakers, NairaBet is the best site for cashout.


Live streaming is one of the most exciting new features that betting sites have introduced to the online gambling scene.

Live streaming allows you to follow sporting events live.

Live streaming works in the same way as your cable TV. Sign up for aLive streaming available at betting siteYou can watch matches in many sports including basketball, tennis, and football.

It is difficult to set up live streaming and keep it running.

Our research revealed thatBet365 is the best live streaming website in Nigeria.


Online sports betting can be quite expensive , especially if your ticket keeps dropping. So any extra cash is welcome. Here are the bonuses and promotions.

While some betting sites in Nigeria offer generous promotions, others can be very strict!

They only care about taking our money and giving us nothing in return. This is why we don’t like bookies like these.

Betway is the best betting site in Nigeria, with the best promotions!


Are you looking for Nigerian betting sites that offer free bets and other bonuses? We’ve got your back..

Free bets, as the name suggests, are free bets. You can wager with no money. Your betting site will pay for your free bets when you place a wager.

It’s cool, isn’t it?

You should look for a site that offers free bets to help you save as much as possible. You have nothing to lose with free bets and everything to gain.

We’ve done the research for you and compiled a list with betting sites that offer free bets in Nigeria.


Tired of “One game is all it takes to get your ticket“? Look for a site that offers the cut-1 promotion.

The cut-1 promo acts as a kind of betting insurance, ensuring that you receive some money if one game damages your long-term accumulator.

Nigerian gamblers will be thrilled to learn that more sites now offer the cut-1 feature.

The best of the bunch is still the NairaBet Cut-1. As they say,NairaBet will still pay if you lose one of your games. You can!

NairaBet was one of the first to offer the cut-1 feature. They still do it better than anyone.

Terms and conditions for the cut-1 promo vary from one site to another.


It is important to ensure that customer support is available before you make a decision about which betting site to use.

Your betting site should allow you to contact them at any time, to obtain information or to resolve any problems.

Maybe you have questions about a specific deposit method. Perhaps you need to know why withdrawals take so long. All of this should be possible without hassle.

You can always count on the best Nigerian betting sites to respond to your questions and provide instant solutions.

We conducted extensive research into all betting sites in Nigeria.We found Betway to offer the best customer service.

Betway can be reached in many ways.Telephone?Email? WhatsApp? Chat liveAndSocial media. The customer service representatives are highly qualified and knowledgable.

Betway is a top-rated betting site in Nigeria thanks to their excellent customer service.


Mobile betting and online sports betting has grown to be a major part of Nigerian online gambling. Nigerians are very busy and rarely have the time to sit behind a computer or laptop.

Mobile betting is very convenient.

You can bet on your favorite matches and tournaments from anywhere, anytime with your mobile device.

You don’t have to miss the live bet, no matter if you’re stuck in traffic or sitting in a bar.

You just need to whip out your smartphone and launch your betting account.

Many online betting sites offer mobile apps. Even those that don’t offer betting apps have optimized the sites for mobile devices.

Which Nigerian betting site offers the best mobile betting experience for Nigerians?

Although there are many good mobile betting websites, we believe that the majority of them are not as good as ours.BetwinnerThe best place to bet on the move in Nigeria!


New betting sites are popping up as online gambling in Nigeria continues to expand at an alarming rate.

While some new sites may not be great, there are a lot of good ones.

In an effort to attract players, new sites often offer better deals and innovative ideas.

New betting sites in Nigeria often offer better bonuses and promotions. Live streaming is another popular selling point for newbies. This feature is not available on many older sites.

You are looking for aNew betting site in Nigeria Parimatch and Wazobet might be a good choice. Both are very cool and have some amazing features.


Which Nigerian betting site has the best features? It’s a tough question!

Many betting sites offer key features such as live betting and cash out? Live streaming services are less available.

The popularity of the “Always On” feature on Nigerian betting sites is increasing.Bet builder this feature.

This feature allows you to combine multiple outcomes from one event into one wager. A Bet Builder can be used to combine multiple outcomes from one event, such as match result, goals betting and goal scorers.

Online betting is more fun and profitable when you have the option to place bets.

We recommend these three betting sites as they have the best features in Nigeria.

  1. 1xBet
  2. Betway
  3. Bet365


Make sure that you check the Naira acceptance rate before you choose a Nigerian betting site. This will make your life much easier!

Deposits can be made without any difficulties and withdrawals are easy.

If the site doesn’t accept your currency, you will need to worry about currency conversion rates and exchange rates. You may end up spending more.

Many betting sites in Nigeria now accept Naira. While Nigerian betting sites do business in Naira (as is the case with international sites), they accept Naira from foreign sites.1xBet?Betwinner and Parimatch allow us to pay in Naira and then withdraw.

To enjoy smooth betting, sign up at any of these sites.


Online betting is all about fast withdrawals and payouts.

My Betting Sites Nigeria likes to think of online sports betting as entertainment and fun, but we also know that it’s all about winning!

We want our winnings as soon as possible.

Some betting sites can take too long to process withdrawals. This can be frustrating and irritating. Imagine being unable to access your money for days or even weeks.

This is the most used withdrawal method for Nigerian betting sites.Bank transferParimatch and other bookies allow Nigerian players the ability to withdraw winnings into eWallets such as Neteller.


NairaBet, Bet9ja and Bet9ja are the top betting sites in Nigeria for fast withdrawals and payouts.

These betting sites allow withdrawals to be processed quickly, and money is available in minutes.

Register on NairaBet to end slow withdrawals. You can!


Online gambling is most popular in Nigeria with sports betting being the most popular. However, more people are starting to take up this form of gambling.Online casinos.

You can also visit the many online casinos located in Nigeria if you are looking for something different than tennis or football betting.

Although there are many betting sites that offer online casinos, the quality of these casinos varies from one site to another. The best online casinos in Nigeria are usually the most popular.

Online casinos that offer the best casino games include online slots, blackjack and baccarat as well as poker.

SomeNigerian betting sitesEven casino players can get welcome bonuses. One such site is1xBetThe casino boasts more than 2000 games.

1xBet’s online casino rivals any other in Nigeria.

Register on 1xBet today to receive your casino bonus and access to their extensive collection of casino games.


Online sports betting in Nigeria has many great benefits.

Yes, we have several international betting sites, but there are also a lot of Nigerian betting websites.

Our local sites are some of the most popular betting sites in Nigeria.

It is easier to place a bet on Nigerian gambling sites than international ones. They are owned by Nigerians, which makes them more in tune to our betting needs.

Nigerian betting sites offer better bonuses and promotions. They also have reasonable wagering requirements.

Which is the best Nigerian gambling site?

These are the best Nigerian gambling sites:

  1. Bet9ja
  2. NairaBet
  3. Wazobet


Online sports betting was first introduced in Nigeria by Bet9ja and NairaBet.

Although these Nigerian gambling sites continue to thrive, they are now facing strong competition from international competitors.

Nigeria has one of the fastest growing online betting markets in the world. International betting sites have been flooding into the market over the past few years to try and claim a piece of the huge cake.

Many of these international players have created sites that are specifically tailored for Nigerian players. Some even have Nigerian domain names.

They accept Naira and offer convenient deposit options such as online banking and ATM cards..

These are the best international gambling sites in Nigeria:

  1. Betway
  2. 1xBet
  3. Betwinner
  4. Melbet
  5. Bet365


You now know almost everything there is to learn about.Nigerian betting sites. Are you ready to place some bets?

Take a look at the list of top bookmakers below. Check out our reviews of betting sites before you choose your next bookmaker.

We wish you all the best on your online gambling journey!

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