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As part of a new wave of platforms that will enter the betting market, let me introduce you to one of the best representatives of the industry that continues to surprise even the most demanding bettors in Africa-Mcheza Kenya.

The design and convenience of the website’s interface, the rich selection of the sports betting market and the convenience of the mobile version of the bookmaker really allowed him to enlist the support of hundreds of thousands of players. Let’s get to know MCheza better, dive into its features and find out what makes it work so effectively.

Since 2015, MCheza has entered the sports betting market with the most serious intentions. This is a reliable and secure platform, it works no worse than a premium Swiss watch. The operator operates exclusively in Kenya, which is good news for Kenyan and African users who are looking for an exclusive gambling platform. This also means that all games, payment methods and everything related to bets are configured taking into account their features.

Pros And Cons

A wide selection of sports bettingFew bonus offers
An Impressive JackpotLimited choice for financial transactions
A very stylish and convenient website and mobile appNo sports livestream
High Betting Limits
Fully licensed
High security and protection of personal data
Ideal optimization for Kenya
A professional customer support service

Mcheza Kenya Reliability & License

It is fully licensed to the BСLB, which is Kenya’s losal gambling commission. MCheza Kenya is still responsible to the BСLB. Mcheza Kenya is still subject to the commission’s watch. It remains committed for user satisfaction and convenience.

The bookmaker guarantees you that all information about users, their personal and financial data will always be hidden and inaccessible to all third parties. This security is provided by the 128-bit SSL encryption technology, which is fully trusted by the MCheza platform.

Betting Features

The MCheza games that one can bet upon are numerous with a healthy variety as well. There are many betting markets available, including sports from various leagues and international matches.

There are 33 different types of sports tyres. These include the following: boxing, football, basketball, snooker and hoskey; baseball, tennis, golf, etc. You can find out which games MCheza offers today. The platform allows MCheza users to live bet on esports and TV shows, as well as movies and rolitis. You have a wide range of bets available, covering everything from amateur to professional leagues. These odds will grab every bettor’s interest.

Mcheza Kenya Betting Limits

Limits on Betting There are some limits that can be made to your betting transactions. Withdrawals and resharges both have the same limit. The lower limit is 10 KES, and the higher limit is 140,000 KES. Users can resharge their accounts at any time. The transactions will be processed immediately. The withdrawal and resharge limits can be adjusted to accommodate different styles and rocket depths.

Mcheza Payment Options in Kenya

Due to the fact that MCheza is based only in Kenya, its transaction methods depend on the interests and convenience of Kenyan users. Thus, it is not surprising that the only way to deposit and withdraw your money is to use the m-Pesa service.

Players who want to top up their account can do this with a simple message. Believe me, this significantly speeds up the whole process. The following steps explain it better:

  • Ореn M-Реsа Mеnu on your mobile рhоnе
  • Select Liра nа M-Реsа аnd thеn click on “Раybill”
  • Еntеr businеss numbеr (295525) аnd ассоunt nаmе (MCheza)
  • Enter the deposit amount and enter your PIN code
  • Then you will receive a confirmation notification

The withdrawal process is even easier. Just click “withdraw funds”, follow it with the hashtag a and the amount you want to withdraw. After that, send it to the number 29888. This will allow you to carry out the withdrawal process, and your winnings will arrive to you within 12 hours, no more. Despite the convenience of the above-mentioned method, the presence of an alternative payment method would not be superfluous. It would be much better if the platform allowed other forms of payment to facilitate player transactions.

mCHEZA welcome bonus for Kenyan players
50% extra payout

Mcheza Kenya Bonus Offers

There are not many offers and promotions that we can mention. The only bonus offer available is the opportunity to win 50% more when they win on multiple bets.

Although there are some conditions that need to be taken into account, the fact that this is the only bonus of MCheza means that it is really in the spotlight. Additional information and possible updates are available on the platform itself.

Mcheza  Jackpot

With over a million Kshs in the bank, the MCheza jackpot ranks among the top African markets. A user must resist all matches and goals in order to qualify. On a daily basis, 7 MCheza jackpot games must be resisted.

All those who guess correctly will share the prize. The MCheza daily jackpot-pool grows each day, and returns to 1,000,000 every Monday. The minimum Msheza wager required to be eligible is 0.50 Ksh.

Mcheza Kenya Mobile Version

The Mcheza betting site is very detailed and well optimized for the mobile platform. Those players who do not want to be dependent on desktop computers and prefer to place bets whenever they want, even on the go, will find the mobile version of the site quite convenient and everyday. It works without interruptions on various smartphone platforms, the main thing is the availability of a stable connection to the Internet . There is also an app for the Android operating system, which further simplifies the process of sports betting.
The mobile version of the site is an exact copy of the original, and is in no way inferior to it in speed, performance and ease of use.

Customer Support Service

The customer support department can also boast of high-quality service and a wide range of communication. The MCheza customer support service may not be an ideal example, but it does its job well and solves problems quickly, on average, without making customers wait for a long time . Those who have urgent questions and problems that require immediate solution can access the round-the-clock live chat or call them. If your problems are not urgent, then you can write them an email and wait for a response.” All MCheza contacts can be found on the landing page of the site.

  • Email: suрроrt’at’mсhеzа.со.kе,
  • Tеlерhоnе : +254 70 922 9888, +254 78 022 9888, +254 70 904 2000.

They are highly-trained professionals who know how to navigate the problems efficiently. They also have a role in dealing with customers, which is always a plus rub.


MCheza is the ultimate platform for most Kenyan users. Despite the fact that he is only five years old, he has already advanced into the market, making a good name for himself. The platform has earned a solid reputation for a short period of time and is trying to improve it even more.

The company boasts a large selection of sports markets, including also various real-time bets on eclectic markets. There is an impressive jackpot for downloading, which easily attracts new users. It is paid every week, which only shows the seriousness of the platform’s intentions to increase the chances of winning Kenyan bettors

The payment system is optimized exclusively for the needs of the Kenyan user. However, additional options will not hurt them; this may attract more players to the platform. In addition, if more advertising offers appear, more users will want to take advantage of them and register. Based on all the above, we conclude that the Mcheza betting company is a reliable company and we do not see any reason why a Kenyan player could not trust it.

Mcheza Kenya FAQ

How can I make a deposit to Mcheza via mpesa?

This is a very simple process, follow these simple steps to do this:
Go to the MPESA menu on your mobile phone. Choose Lipa na M-PESA, and then select the Paybill.
Enter the MCheza paybill number, enter 295525 as business number. The Account name is Mcheza .
Enter the amount that you want to deposit to your MCheza account, enter your MPESA PIN code, confirm the correctness of the entered data, then send it. After that, you will receive an SMS message confirming the Mpesa transaction.

How can i place a bet on Mcheza via SMS?

Just send an SMS with the game ID, choose the bet selection and the amount you want to bet on 29888.

Is there a limit on winnings in Mcheza?

The limit of winnings in Mcheza is not standard and varies from player to player. The bookmaker informs the players about their winning limits as soon as they place a bet.

How can I withdraw money from Mcheza to mpesa?

There is nothing complicated about this. This is done by sending an SMS message to the short code mCHEZA. Just enter the ” withdrawal of funds”, and then the hash tag and the amount. Then send an SMS to the number 29888. For example, to withdraw 1000 Ksh, send an SMS with a withdrawal of funds#1000 to 29888, to withdraw, send a withdrawal of funds#amount to 29888.

How can i contact with Mcheza Kenya?

You can contact the Mcheza Customer Support Service at the following numbers:
For Safaricom: +254 (0) 709 229 888
For Airtel: +254 (0) 780 229 888

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