Betway South Africa sports betting company
Betway sports betting company in South Africa

Betway South Africa Review

When it comes to betting sites in South Africa, Betway provides a wide range of bets that only a few can compete with. With an impressive set of features, as well as a well-developed, user-friendly platform, it is not surprising that Betway has quickly become one of the most popular bookmakers in the highly competitive sports betting market in South Africa.

Betway Pros

Betway is the place where every self-respecting player needs to be. The company offers so many things that the user may like. Betway is a well-known brand in the field of sports betting. They are one of the most popular platforms in South Africa and the rest of the world. By registering, you will see that there are many exciting ways to win here and ensure the most positive gaming experience for users. Next we will give the reasons why we love Betway ZA.

Positive User Experience

The Betway website is very easy to use and easy to navigate.
Betway allows users to easily navigate through its website from registration to placing a bet and withdrawing money.
An interactive guide that can be used to help you through the registration and betting process is also available after registration.

An Amazing Set Of Unique Options

Betway’s service includes a number of unique features.Their most appealing attributes.
Betway TV, Jika Sports, and Lucky Numbers are just a few of many features that offer new and exciting ways for users to enjoy betting.

Good International Reputation

Betting involves the transfer of money. It is important to ensure that the entity you deal with is reliable, safe, and secure. Betway’s international reputation and the fact that it is a trusted choice for money management, shows their global presence.

Betway Cons

Naturally, no one is perfect and there are pros and cons everywhere. The same applies to Betway. Despite all our sympathy for Betway and what they offer, there are some things that, in our opinion, could be improved:

Customer Support service could be improved

The biggest disadvantage of Betway is its customer service. This problem is common in all markets where Betway operates.
Betway customer Support is slow and difficult to contact. This may leave users with a negative impression about the experience of using Betway.

Betway South Africa

Betway ZA is the right place if you are new to betting or an experienced campaigner who wants something reliable and with a global reputation – the operator is equally suitable for both.
With the launch of Betway ZA, the British betting giants quickly took a prominent place in the betting industry in South Africa. This is a new haven for both avid football fans and all sports fans.
Betway is one of the largest and most reliable betting sites in the world. It is not surprising that its appearance on the South African market immediately made a splash!

It will be hard for you to imagine a sports market that Betway ZA would not offer a bet on . Betway ZA is a first-class bookmaker that offers a wide range of traditional and specialized sports. It also boasts an impressive set of features and exciting promotions that will keep users up to date.

It is difficult for us to recommend a better bookmaker than this one, so join the best betting site in South Africa.

Betway ZA Registration

Betway South Africa registration
Betway ZA registration

Betway has made it easier for customers to register and start their journey with Betway bets.The process is as fast and simple as possible.

This will take about two minutes, and you will need to provide Betway with basic personal information. Here are the steps you need to take to open your Betway account and start betting.

Betway ZA Sign Up

  • Click on the blue Sign Up for Betway button, which will take you to the Betway homepage
  • Click on the Register button
  • Enter your data in the appropriate field and click Next
  • Fill in the remaining necessary personal data
  • Click on the Register button

That’s it! You are now ready to open your Betway account. Soon, you will receive a welcome email with all the information you need to get started with Betway.

Betway ZA FICA

Betway has slightly different FICA requirements than other betting sites.
Your account will either be verified immediately upon registration or you will have to submit Betway a copy of your identity document, such as an ID or Passport.
They will tell you if you have been automatically verified, and they will also notify you that you have a FICA.
If your Betway account is not automatically FICA’d, the following guide will show you how to do it.

How To Play FICA With Betway

Betway will only ask you to send a photo of your passport/ID.
Send a copy of your ID document via email to [email protected] or:

  • Register for your Betway account
  • If you need to download FICA documents, a pop-up window will appear.
  • Click on “Upload Now”.
  • Upload a photo of your ID

Betway may take up to 48 hours to verify your identity. Once they have, they will send you a notification.

Notification: If you upload a Smart Card ID/Drivers’ License, be sure to include both the front and back copies.

Betway Payment Methods

Naturally, Betway wants you to place your bets with them, so the bookmaker offers many options for making a deposit. They have created many ways to deposit money into a Betway account. The main priority of the company is that you can do it quickly, easily and without any problems.

Betway South Africa available payment methods
Betway South Africa deposit and withdrawal options

This is a list of all the options you have to deposit money into your Betway betting account:

  • Bank Cards(recommended) – VISA/Mastercard Accepted
  •  Banks – All major banks covered
  • MTN Mobile Money App – The most recent way to top up your account
  • Ozow -The Best Way To Make A Cardless Transaction
  • Vouchers are the easiest payment process
  • Shoprite/Checkers – Deposit while doing your shopping
  • SiD is another great way to top up your account without a card
  • USSD is great if you use a phone with basic functions.

Betway ZA Welcome Bonus

Betway offers a bonus of R25 to all new customers. To get a bonus or start betting, new users do not need to deposit funds.
There is nothing better than welcome bonuses for free bets! It’s no secret that free bets are the greatest gift for any player.

South Arica Betway welcome bonus
Welcome bonus R25

You will be eligible to receive a welcome bonus if your identity is confirmed when registering
with Betway. Please note that you will not be able to access your bonus if you do not upload your FICA documents.
If your identity was automatically confirmed during registration, you will be sent an SMS notification with a unique PIN code that can be used to activate your free R25 bet.

How do I activate the R25 Free Bet?

  • Copy the pin that you were sent in an SMS from Betway
  • Log in to your Betway account
  • Go to the “My Account ” section.
  • Click on the “Vouchers” button.
  • Copy the pin code to the specified location
  • Click “Activate”.

Your R25 will be displayed next to the “Free Bet” button in the upper right corner of the main page, and you can start betting!

Basic Terms And Conditions

Below are the terms and conditions that apply to the Betway bonus:

  • This bonus is not available to existing customers and cannot be claimed more than once.
  • Customers must be at least 18 years old.
  • To access the bonus, the customer must either pass Betway’s FICA verification tool or submit FICA documents.
  • All winnings, except R25, will be paid to players who use the R25 free bet (e.g. If you place a R25 wager on an event with odds 4.00, your potential winnings will be R100. However, you would get R75 to your Betway Account.
  • The R25 Free Bet winnings cannot be withdrawn unless the customer has made at least R25 in deposits and completed the deposit.

Betway ZA Online Betting

We believe that now is the right time to show you how to place online bets at Betway, now that you have familiarized yourself with some important steps that you will need to complete in order to start your Betway online betting journey. Betway Greatly simplifies the placement of bets!
We guarantee that you will be able to place bets quickly and easily. Our guide will make it easier to place Betway bets. Keep reading to learn how to Betway bets!

Betway Online Betting Instructions

  • Find your sport by clicking on the sports tab.
  • Choose your league – browse the countries and leagues and click apply.
  • Find your event – scroll through the list of available events in the league.
  • Make your choice – click on the displayed coefficients.
  • Enter your bet – enter the amount you want to bet in the coupon.
  • Confirm your bet by clicking on the “Bet now” button at the bottom of the coupon.

Detailed explanation of the instructions

We’ll help you navigate the process if you have never placed bets. Placing bets is easy enough. However, it is difficult to place the right bets. Unfortunately, we cannot tell you which bets are best as we don’t offer betting tips.

To start your Betway Online Betting, follow the steps below:

Find your Sport – Betway makes it easy to find your sport – Betway makes it super simple for you. Each of their sports are clearly displayed on a tab. Click on the sport you are interested in betting on.

Find your League – Locate your League – Click the sport you are interested in betting on and a variety of options will appear. All options, including popular events, a tab for leagues, different odds and different bets, will be available. Click on the leagues tab if you don’t like the events they provide in the most popular section. After selecting the league that you wish to bet on click Apply.

Find your event – It’s easy to find the event that you wish to bet on. Browse through the available options and select the one that interests you.

Make your choice – After you have found the event(s) you wish to bet on, it is time to make your choice. Click on the odds that correspond with the outcome you think will occur. Betway offers many more options than just match result bets. You can click on the button to open more markets.

Betway South Africa Sportsbook

Betway’s sportsbook is another attractive feature. It features 24 different sports disciplines, some of which are more well-known than others. Users can bet on everything from the usual competitions in football, rugby and cricket to less popular sports like mini-football and handball.

Soccer Betting

Betway is the right place to be if you are interested in soccer betting. Betway offers over 60 leagues around the globe, making soccer Betway’s most popular sport. This is a good thing considering their stake in football as a sponsor.

You can bet on the Manchester Derby in the Premier League while also placing a wager on Maccabai Haifa vs Ashdod in Tel Aviv Stock Exchange League.

Cricket Betting

Betway is the best place to bet on cricket.
The bookmaker covers cricket action around the world. Betway offers cricket fans a wide range of coverage, from Australia and New Zealand to South Africa to the UAE.

Rugby Betting

Betway has taken care of you if you are an avid rugby fan who can predict the outcome of games. The bookmaker also allows you to bet on Rugby Union or Rugby League.
You can bet on Rugby League, but you also have the option to bet on the NRL. If you are more interested in the game as South Africans know it, then you have a chance to bet on Super Rugby, French Top 14 and international Test Rugby.

Betway Options

Betway offers a variety of unique features that allow you to have a new and exciting way to gamble and bet.

Betway’s unique features are that many of the things they offer cannot be found anywhere else. They offer more than just sports betting duties to provide users with more fun, excitement, and more chances to win.

Betway South Africa Live Betting

Betway live betting

The Betway “Live” tab allows you to place bets in real time. Betway’s real-time betting capability is simply amazing. The real-time betting feature in Betway is simply fantastic, it opens a lot of doors for betting lovers.

Users can see the fluctuations of the coefficients by observing how they change their color as they increase or decrease.
An opertor also simplifies real-time betting by allowing you to place bets at any time.

Betway ZA TV

Betway Live is Betway’s live streaming service.
Instead of watching the odds fluctuate, you can actually see the event flow. This gives you the best tool to help you decide how to adjust your betting strategy.
Nothing can beat the real thing. Betway has included a live streaming service that allows you to decide who to support as the events unfold.

Welcome To Jika Sports

Jika Sports is a new addition to Betway’s feature list. This option is perfect for players who don’t want to wait too long to see if their predictions come true. Jika Sports are basically virtual simulations of sport, with new events occurring every six minutes.
This feature allows players to bet as much or little as they like, and it mainly involves Jika Soccer and Jika Horse Racing.

Betway Jica Sports

Betway allows you to place virtual bets on the following sports:

  • Soccer 
  • Horse Racing
  • Nascar Racing
  • Horse Racing Roulette
  • Equestrian Events
  • Trotting 

Betway Live Games

Users are provided with a huge variety of different games, ranging from roulette and blackjack to gameshow-type games such as deal or no deal and Meg Ball 100x. This feature is great for casino-loving players, as some games require first deposits as low as R1.

Betway Bet Games

Betway South Africa casino games and slots

Betway offers its users the widest range of betting games in the country. Players can choose from:

  • Wheel
  • Baccarat
  • Bet on Poker
  • Dice Duel
  • Lucky 5
  • Lucky 6
  • Speedy 7
  • Lucky 7
  • 6+Poker
  • War of Bets

Lucky Numbers

Betway has a lot of coverage on Lucky Numbers, one of South Africa’s most popular games. The bookmaker allows users to place wagers on draws from eight different international markets: Australia, USA (USA), Italy, Greece and Russia, Germany, Canada and, of course, South Africa.

Betway offers several draws for each country, making it easy to try this feature.


Esports or professional video games competitions are taking over the world and South Africa is no exception.
Betway is proud to sponsor many international Esports teams. This is a sign of their commitment to this growing movement. They are the largest provider of Esports betting.
It is not surprising that the ESL (electronic sport league) has attracted over 230 million viewers worldwide.
It also allows you to place bets on League of Legends, Counter Strike and Star Craft.

Betway South Africa Promos

Betway really listens to what their users want, and whenever Betway has a promotion whose popularity exceeds all the expectations of fans, they just continue to use it.

Take a look at all their offers in the list below!

Betway 4 to Score

Betway randomly selected four Premier League matches as a promotion and gave players the chance to select who they believe will open each match’s scoring.
The operator has made this a regular feature on their website.
If they are certain that one of these games will result in a draw, they have the option to choose “No Goalscorer”.
The first entry for players is completely free. However, unlocking four additional entries will cost you R50 each.

You have nothing to lose with winnings up to R 60000 and a free entry.

Betway Money-Back-Boost

The Money Basck function is also present. Betway will reimburse you up to 20x your stake if you include six or more events in your Multi Bet betslip. This depends on how many events you added to your multi-bet.

The greater the number of matches in your betslip, you will see a bigger refund. Let’s break it down:

Money boost potentials

  1. You will be refunded 100% of your bet if you choose between 6-10 events with minimum odds of 1.5.
  2. You will be eligible for a 200% refund if you choose between 11 and 15 events with minimum odds of 1.3.
  3. Betway will give you 10x your investment if you choose between 16 and 20 events with minimum odds of 1.
  4. Betway will pay 20x your wager if you choose more than 21 events with minimum odds of 1.

Build-A-Bet Option

Betway’s Build A-Bet feature lets you place a multi-bet on the same game that will bet on different outcomes in a particular soccer match.
You can select as many outcomes as you like in Build-A-Bet. These include both teams scoring, halftime/fulltime and the next goal.
Access the Build-A-Bet option:

  • Click on the tab “Sports” located towards the top of your homepage.
  • Click on the icon of the soccer ball.
  • Navigate to the sport you wish to place a bet
  • Click on “more Bets”, located to the right of the row holding team names and game odds. It is next to the small pie icon.
  • A new page will be created from here.
  • Navigate to “Build-A-Bet”, and choose the outcomes you wish to place a bet on.

Betway SA Data-Free

We all know that South Africa’s data rules prices are insanely high. Betway has a solution for every South African punter. Betway Data free allows you to place four-to-score bets and also wager on live sports without the need for wifi or data.

Betway’s data-free site allows you to deposit money, but debit/credit card and Ozow payments will be redirected to the data-required site.

Betway South Africa Withdrawal Methods

Betway allows you to withdraw your winnings in a variety of ways, which differ slightly from their extensive list of deposit options.The company offers several withdrawal options:

  • EFT
  • Standard Bank Instant Money
  • ABSA Cash Send
  • FNB Ewallet

The minimum amount that you can withdraw using Betway is R50.

Betway – How To Withdrawal?

  • Log in to your Betway account
  • Click on the Menu tab
  • Click on Withdraw funds
  • Choose the withdrawal method of your choice
  • Please enter your information and select the amount that you wish to withdraw
  • Click on “Withdraw Now”.

How Do I Download The Betway App?

Betway app
Betway mobile application for iOS and Android devices

For Android:

  • Go to Settings and click on Device Administration. Allow Unknown Sources
  • Mobile browsers can search for Betway
  • Click on the Menu
  • Betway App – Click here
  • Click on “Download the Android App”
  • Tap OK to open a box.
  • Click to Install

For iOS

You can download the Betway app from the Appstore. Simply search for it, click on it, and then click install.

General Conclusion

Obviously, Betway offers a service that most of their competitors in South Africa cannot match. Taken together, the pros far outweigh the cons in terms of quantity, and even more so in terms of quality.

Although their customer service is not perfect, Betway is still a popular betting platform in South Africa. There is a large community of users who can offer tips and recommendations for any problems that may arise.
Betway is an excellent choice for both new and experienced players and stands out among the rest. Obviously, Betway is deservedly the leading betting site in South Africa.

Betway South Africa FAQs

Is Betwway open to South African players?

Yes, Betway allows South African players. We couldn’t be happier to see them accept South African players.

Is Betway open to South African Rands?

Betway will accept your hard-earned rands. You can deposit via a variety of South African deposit options.

Is Betway legal?

Yes, Betway South Africa and all their games and features, are legal.Licensees and regulatorsThe Western Cape Gambling and Racing Board.

Are FICA documents required for Betway?

This question is somewhat more complicated because it depends. Some users will be able to have their identities verified immediately after providing their ID numbers. Others will need to submit the required FICA documentation. Betway will notify you once you have registered.

Is Betway able to accept Paypal?

Betway South Africa does not accept paypal deposits. They do accept paypal deposits. PayPal is one of the few convenient South African deposit options that we accept.

Is Betway open to Bitcoin?

It is not. Betway does not accept any cryptocurrency deposits.You cannot deposit bitcoin into your Betway account using bitcoin.

Is there a mobile app for Betway?

They do. And it’s a very good one. It is easiest to download the app from the mobile site.

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