BetPawa South Africa Review

BetPawa South Africa Review

Although it may not be the most established betting site in South Africa, betPawa is a major player in the sector. It claims to be South Africa’s #1 sports betting site, boasting the best odds and a wide range of premium services.

They are actually now in the same category as the international renowned brands that offer services in South Africa’s sport betting industry. To compete with these sites, betPawa has developed a mobile platform that is easy to use and can be used for all types of betting.It offers a large selection of betting markets and covers many sports. We also have to mention the site’s modern and sophisticated interface. This is the website for you if you’re looking for an online site that offers live betting.

BetPawa gives its customers access to sports events they can bet on. The covered sports include soccer, basketball and tennis as well as rugby league, American Football (Futsal), Cricket, and American Football (American Football). Overall, betting odds at offer competitive odds. The margin for soccer betting is 5.2% and tennis is 7.5%. Ice hockey is 7.6% and basketball is 5.6%. The overall margin of betting is 6.5%. These betting margins were calculated by combining odds from various sports. Note that margins can vary from one sport to the next, or even from one league to another.

Betpawa Sport Line

The BetPawa line is not impressive for its diversity. There are 6 sports disciplines to choose from: basketball, football, tennis, rugby and American football. The most popular section of the site, football, has the largest number of American, Asian, African, and European leagues. Each country hosts about 20 events per week. Players pay close attention to the Premier League, the premier league in sport events. There are many options, and even junior teams can have a greater selection of coefficients. In addition to the usual bets on outcome and total, the players can also guess the exact score of each match. It happens only in events with the prefix “top”. It is strange to say that the player won’t be able to place bets on national championship matches in each country where BetPawa operates.

BetPawa South Africa Sports
BetPawa South Africa Sports

Live Streaming

What are the live streaming and in-play platforms for BetPawa? First, let’s clarify that BetPawa Sportsbook doesn’t offer live streaming. We have yet to find any South African sportsbook offering live streaming services.Although they do not offer live streaming, we hoped that they might be able to provide some kind of feature that allows bettors to track all events as they occur. However, none of these features were available.

We loved their live and in-play betting options. We think BetPawa is the epicenter for new features, thanks to its in play betting option. This feature allows you to receive instant updates about the odds for any sporting event that is being offered during in-play. You can place quick bets and receive the best odds.

Betpawa ZA Jackpot

You can also find the Jackpot section on some versions of the site. Jackpot is a tote for many popular football events. This is where players have to predict which team will win, or draw in any of the 13th and 17th matches. Each case may have one to three outcomes. The automatic selection is available to highly successful players. The coupon is filled out and the player places a wager.

BetPawa doesn’t offer a welcome bonus or free bets with your first deposit. The company does offer a bonus system that is geared towards express bets. This means that the bonus percentage will increase the more events are included in the coupon. Each express can be up to 250%. BetPawa allows players to place bets with no minimum stake.

Betpawa Casino Online

This section is available depending on where the player lives. For countries like Zimbabwe, Tanzania, Kenya, and Tanzania, the Casino on BetPawa does not offer any games. The website also has a section that offers 6 different genres of games. You will find classic lottery games, blackjack, roulette and wheel of fortune. The list of games is always changing and will be updated with new entertainments. BetPawa games are accessible anywhere in the world that has Internet access. It supports both mobile and desktop versions of the casino.

BetPawa South Africa Casino
BetPawa South Africa Casino

Cashout Feature

Betway Partial cash out allows you to take a portion of your Cash Out offer while leaving the rest of your stake unpaid after all events have concluded.

The feature can be found within the regular Cash Out. To open the Partial cash out slider bar, click on the icon. You can also find information about your Partial cash out bets in the “My Bets” section.

All customers have the option to cash out or partial cash out.

Mobile Version

In the 2000s, mobile apps were very popular. A few years back, people were primarily focused on stationary computer apps. They could not be moved to other places for their comfort.

Betpawa does not have an official mobile app available on the AppStore, or the Play Store. However, the interface is being updated to accommodate mobile interfaces such as windows phones. People can access the website from any device, without too much hassle. The easy-to-use interface is perfect for small screens, even though Betpawa doesn’t offer an app download.

The Betpawa app, apk works in a similar way to a web page that is copied from their computer. No matter what operating system you use, Android or iOS, you will have a great gambling experience. Mobile login is very similar to the laptop experience. However, you can take your bookmaker wherever you go.
The Betpawa mobile website offers many benefits to potential clients. You can find great opportunities for Africans from their weekly jackpot offers, to lucrative odds for them right from the other side of the world. Betpawa app download can be described as bringing the world to Africa. It is possible to achieve this by combining gambling and sports.

Customers believe that because the original Betpawa doesn’t have an interface that is compatible with the mobile device, the experience is almost the same. It is a joy to be able to play their favorite games at any time that suits them best.

Betpawa South Africa Bonus and Promotions

The Betfair online betting site offers a nice welcome bonus. They will offer new customers free bets on various actions, as you can see above. Register with BetPawa and place your first bet. You will receive a free bet token when you place your bets. You should carefully read the terms and conditions, as deposits from certain sources may not be subject to this promotion.
Like many other bookmakers, you have to place a bet on time to get your bonus. Perhaps you got the idea that just by registering, you will get a free bet. In fact, it’s not like that at all. They continue to offer bigger bonuses than any other Kenyan bookmakers, thumbs up.

T&Cs apply to new customers 18+ Please gamble responsibly. Details are available at the betPawa website.


To register for Betpawa, you must be over the legal gambling age in your country. After that, you will need a registered phone number to register the account. Then you can begin betting.

There is no reason to be discouraged from joining the Betpawa registration train. After you have registered Betpawa, you will need to enter your username and password. The login page will open up and you can start betting. This simple registration process allows thousands to register every day.

Betpawa South Africa Sports Betting

To get started, open a blank browser page and load the Betpawa website.

  • Use the mobile number and password that you have chosen to log into your account.
  • After the homepage loads, click on ‘Sports’ in your taskbar. Here you will see all the matches and the sports that you can bet on.
  • The homepage’s left side will show a list of all the leagues available for the sport.
  • Click on the desired one to select the matches or teams of your choice
  • You have the option to either place one bet or an accumulator by selecting multiple selections. There are only 30 options.
  • Enter the amount that you would like to place on this bet
  • Once you are satisfied with your selections, click on “Place bet”. You can’t change your bet once it has been placed so take your time.

Changes made by the company may cause changes to the amount that you win. These changes will be notified to you via a notification on your screen. Click on the notification to accept the updated price or amount.

Payment Methods

Deposit Options: Most European betting and sportsbooks accept a variety of payment methods, including credit cards and debit cards. This is not true in South Africa. All banks don’t allow any type of gambling, even sports betting. It is difficult for bettors to withdraw winnings or deposit money using VISA and MasterCard.

Withdrawal Options: This platform is favored by many bettors because it makes it easy to withdraw winnings. The best part is that you don’t have to pay any fees for withdrawing funds from your account. When you withdraw money, Mpesa charges you for withdrawals.

Follow the withdrawal process and you will see the money in your account within a matter of minutes. You can withdraw the same amount you used to deposit.

  • You can load a blank page from your desktop or device and then enter the Betpawa website.
  • Use your mobile number to log in to your account.
  • Click the Menu button at the top right of the homepage
  • Choose ‘Withdraw’ from this list
  • Sometimes, the system will ask you to enter your full name in order to proceed.
  • Enter the amount that you would like to withdraw from your betting account
  • Click on “Request Payment Out” to have the money credited to your mobile wallet in less than 15 minutes.
  • The account balance can be viewed and you can continue betting.

Customer Support Service

Their online chat portal is a strong selling point. If you need to contact the bookmaker, this will be your first port of call. Their email support is also available via an online form. You can also browse the most frequently asked questions in their support center. Live chat support is available 24/7/365 and email support is available during normal business hours, 09:00 to 22:30 daily. Telephone support is also available.

Facebook Messenger is used to provide live customer support. This can be accessed by clicking the “Talk to us on Facebook Messenger” link at the bottom of each page.

BetPawa South Africa Review
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